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  • Mark C. Wilson
    Senior Lecturer (Department of Computer Science) – Deputy Director of CMSS
  • Arkadii Slinko
    Professor (Department of Mathematics) – Director of CMSS
  • Patrick Girard
    Senior Lecturer (Department of Philosophy) – Seminar organizer
  • Dion O’Neale
    Research Fellow (Department of Physics) – Publicity and outreach
  • Valery Pavlov
    Senior Lecturer (Department of Information Systems and Operations Management)
  • Steffen Lippert
    Senior Lecturer (Department of Economics)
  • John Hillas
    Associate Professor (Department of Economics)
  • Quentin Atkinson
    Associate Professor (Department of Psychology)
  • Jeremy Seligman
    Senior Lecturer (Department of Philosophy)
  • Geoffrey Pritchard
    Senior Lecturer (Department of Statistics)
  • Fernando Beltran
    Associate Professor (Department of Information Systems and Operations Management)
  • Matthew Ryan
    Associate Professor of Economics, AUT
  • Simona Fabrizi
    Senior Lecturer, School of Economics and Finance (Albany), Massey University

Current research students

  • Nina Anchugina (PhD, A. Slinko)
  • Sergey Ozernikov (PhD, A. Slinko)
  • Shaun White (PhD, P. Girard)
  • Addison Pan (PhD, S. Fabrizi/M.Ryan)
  • Jenny Long (PhD, Q. Atkinson)
  • Catriona Sissions (PhD, D. O’Neale/S. Hendy)
  • Samin Aref (PhD, M. Wilson/S.Hendy)
  • Neda Sakhaee (PhD, M.Wilson)
  • Liang Zhen (PhD, J. Seligman)
  • Zhu Rui (PhD, J. Seligman)

Former research students

  • John C. McCabe Dansted (MSc A Slinko, 2006, then PhD candidate, University of Western Australia)
  • Egor Ianovski (BSc(Hons) M. Wilson, 2012, then PhD candidate, University of Oxford)
  • Tatiana Gvozdeva (PhD A Slinko, 2012, then postdoc in Singapore)
  • Reyhaneh Reyhani (PhD M. Wilson, 2013, then working in USA)
  • Ali Hameed (PhD A. Slinko, 2013)
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